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Living in the Moment to Stay Positive

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A Message from Jarem: Positive. For. Cancer. That is a weird way to be informed of your diagnosis. When you find out you have cancer, it is usually the result…


Finding My Gift Through Breast Cancer

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A Message from Tara: I was 39 years old when they told me I had breast cancer. Surely, they had me confused with someone else. I had no family history,…

Dr. Eisenberg with patient Dawn Mannino via People

Doctor’s Orders: Sing to Patients

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Dr. Eisenberg understands the healing power of music. Studies have shown that music can help alleviate pain for cancer patients and increase their quality of life. Dr. Eisenberg sings original songs to…

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Turning Anguish into Art

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A Message from Terry: Two months ago, my brother Bob was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, a type of B-cell lymphoma, and bone cancer. Needless to say, it turned our world…

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Every story has a Silver Lining.  Cancer, although often treated as an ending, is moreso a beginning for many.  Let it be your catalyst to live your life to it’s fullest, whether you or a loved one have been diagnosed.  Others with cancer all over the world have chosen to find the silver lining in their story and change their life permanently, regardless of the outcome of  their cancer.  This positive mindset can be one of the most important aspects of finding a healthy outcome, and most importantly ensuring you have a great quality of life throughout and after the cancer experience.

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