Being Single with Cancer

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A Message from Tracy:Tracy Maxwell

I was diagnosed in 2006 with a rare form of ovarian cancer. I was treated initially with six rounds of chemo and surgery to remove my right ovary. Two recurrences in the past¬†8 years have led to a complete hysterectomy, a radical change of diet, and a more holistic approach, including lots of exploration of the patterns, identities and emotions that weren’t serving me.

My biggest challenge from day one was dealing with cancer as a single person. My family lived far away and many of my closest friends as well. Initially, I felt like a burden, having to rely on my community for so much support. Eventually, I recognized that my independence and reluctance to ask for or receive help was one of my biggest barriers to not just health but also happiness.

I now believe cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me because it has lead to so much healing and an entirely new outlook on my life. I now do a much better job of taking care of myself, I am a great receiver, and I recognize my own value comes not just from what I give to others but from who I am. I love coaching others to find their own healing and my book Being Single, with Cancer: A Solo Survivor’s Guide to Life, Love, Health & Happiness was released in August 2014.

Being Single with Cancer

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