Teri Griege

A true athlete, Teri Greige had always enjoyed sports and was still doing so in her forties, when she began running marathons. Enjoying endurance sports and the rush of being pushed to her limits, Teri was gunning for the big prize—the Ironwoman Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Completing the 2008 Ironman Louisville, she missed qualifying for the Championship by little more than five minutes and more determined then ever, returned to her training. However, over the course of the following year she found herself lacking energy and focus and suffered several minor injuries; problems she contributed to overtraining or, god forbid, aging. But when she finished the 2009 Ironman Louisville ten minutes slower than the previous year’s race, she knew it was something worse. Her belief was unfortunately confirmed when results came in with the crushing news that she had Stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to her liver.

But her dream didn’t die in the doctor’s office. A fighter as ever, Teri decided to view her cancer as simply another obstacle and go to work. She received a special invitation to compete in the Ironwoman World Championship as an inspirational athlete and began to train for the incredibly physically and emotionally demanding race, even as she was undergoing chemotherapy. Teri was determined to face down her disease, but not alone – she gathered around her a support system proudly called “Teri’s Troops”.

With their help and her own internal drive, Teri Griege, at age fifty, on the beautiful afternoon of October 8th in 2011, stepped across the finish line in Kona. Since her diagnosis, Teri has been featured on the Today Show, KSDK, Ellen and more in order to spread her message—Powered by Hope—to those who need it most.

For more inspiration, visit her website.

(Photo source: terigriege.com)