A Message from Timothy:

Well, what started back in 2012 as a routine MRI of my right shoulder ended up being a right upper arm broken and Stage 4 NHL (non-Hodgkin lymphoma). The cancer started in my shoulder broke the arm, spread to my left side of my neck, right ribs, and back.


“[My]┬áreason for beating it; the birth of my second daughter and her being held by my oldest daughter.”

As usual, when I do things, I do them well. I started my R-CHOP treatment at UPenn in Feb 2012; 6 rounds of chemo and then 20 days of radiation. After 7 scans, I am still clean; but I refuse to use the “C” word yet. I always believed that life is supposed to be hard, this was part of the process. When I was diagnosed, I told the doc that I wanted to do the most aggressive treatment possible.

I was and still am determined to beat this. Thanks.

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