Facing My Goliath

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I’m a survivor of AML leukemia. I was diagnosed when I was 15, on February 26th, 1996. I’ll never forget that day of my diagnosis: it was the day my life changed forever.

I went through several rounds of chemotherapy at Riley Hospital, Indiana. I spent many weeks at a time dealing with side effects for each round of chemo. Later that year, I was in remission, but I relapsed later that fall. Since the chemotherapy wasn’t effectively helping my body defeat the cancer, the doctors gave me some alternative options. 

I chose to do a bone marrow transplant. Since none of my family were close enough match, I had to go through the bone marrow registry for an unrelated match. At the end of ’96, I was prepped to get ready to go through all the procedures, before receiving my transplant. I received my transplant in January of 1997. It was a long rough year which I spent in and out of hospital dealing with the many side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

To make a long story short, I survived to give others hope and support in their fight with cancer. Feel free to purchase a copy of my book on my website to read more on my story: www.facingmygoliath.com.

Stay strong and never give up.


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