Happy, Lively Little Girl

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A Message from Devon:

“She is a happy, lively little girl now and you would never have thought she had cancer!”

My name is Devon and I have a now 3-year-old daughter named Chansidy. This is her story of her surviving cancer!

On March 4th 2013, I took Chansidy to the hospital: she had been throwing up everything she ate and drank. The doctor that had looked at her referred me to go to our local children’s hospital immediately. The pediatrician pressed on her abdominal area feeling a large mass on her right side. He ordered an x-ray. The results came back that she had hepatoblastoma: liver cancer. It was the size of a baby cantaloupe.

1 Year TodayWe were admitted to the hospital, that night. She had to receive four different kinds of chemotherapy for 6 rounds. She stopped eating – due to getting a horrible case of thrush in her mouth – so she had a G-tube installed. After battling with the tube several times, we were finally able to get it to stay in. After her 4th round, the doctors and I discussed removing the majority of her liver, as well as her gall bladder, since the cancer was showing up there too.

June 3rd, she underwent her surgery &, at 1:00pm, she was out of surgery and pronounced CANCER FREE! The worst was over, but she had 2 rounds of chemo to go through still. Her final round of chemo was on July 23rd, 2013! She is a happy, lively little girl now and you would never have thought she had cancer!

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