Helping Women Healincomfort

Helping Women Healincomfort

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A Message from Cherie:

My name is Cherie Mathews. I’m from Austin, Texas and a 14-year breast cancer survivor. My mission is to help women heal in comfort and dignity after surgery, in their battle against breast cancer. I had to have a double mastectomy, in my fight against this disease. I failed home economics because I stapled my hem so I could get to my basketball game but now, because of stupid cancer, I am a designer of a speciality patented post-surgical garment called the healincomfort recovery shirt! We’re helping women heal in comfort and in dignity all over the USA and internationally.

Cherie Mathews of healincomfort

My big dream is to make a procedural change for all breast cancer patients post-mastectomy. It’s a formidable mission that the company takes quite seriously, inspired by my own post-operative experience. Standard post-operative instructions call for “loose-fitting clothing”, which had no accommodations for drain tubes and I had NO idea how limited arm movement was going to be. I didn’t have the right equipment to go home in and I said to myself “SHEESH, if a sprained elbow gets a sling to heal in why isn’t there helpful equipment to heal in after a mastectomy? NOT OK!”

Shopping was clearly not an option! However, my frustration inspired me to design the healincomfort® recovery shirt: easy dressing, feather soft, moisture management material (to keep patients dry and comfortable), and it has internal pockets to help with drains. It allows a woman to look like a person and not a science experiment. It’s all about DIGNITY!

I wrote “My Shadow Story” to help my sisters deal with the FIRST LOOK. It’s just devastating for a women to be so disfigured in the battle. There are so many attacks on the mind, body and soul. This is what I wrote to help:

My Shadow Story
“When I first looked in the mirror after surgery, I was shocked when I saw my scars and drain tubes. My mind started casting doubt on survival and whether I would look normal again. I went outside for my first walk after surgery and I saw my shadow on the sidewalk. Unlike the mirror that reminded me of all the things that were wrong, my shadow reminded me of all the things that were right. I was alive and still able to cast a shadow on this earth. From that moment on, I would battle for only positive thoughts.
The mirror no longer dictated how I was doing. So when you are able to go for a walk look for your shadow, remember, it’s there because you’re here.

“We’re helping women heal in comfort and in dignity all over the USA and internationally.”

I hope my shadow story encourages you to think positive and stay strong ,as you’re going though this difficult journey. BE BRAVE AND FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

Thank you,
Cherie B. Mathews, Austin Texas
Founder of healincomfort & cancer survivor

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Header image by Flickr user Sunny_mjx. Body image courtesy of Cherie Mathews.

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