Love More, Laugh More

Love More, Laugh More

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I was only 36 years old, very slender and in good health. I had never spent the night in the hospital, since birth. I discovered the lump in my breast from doing the self exams. It changed my life forever. I told myself to fight and live. I had stage 3 cancer and it was very aggressive. After chemo, surgery and radiation, I am here!! It actually came back in 2012 – in the other breast – but it was a lower stage. Chemo, 2 surgeries and radiation again. I am still here.

I have used this time to be a life coach and motivator. We have to make the most out of our life. Bad things happen to good people all the time but how can I help someone? What lesson did I learn from cancer? It has taught me to enjoy life more, pay closer attention to my diet and exercise. Smile more, look at the birds and squirrels more.

Be kinder, love more, hug more, laugh more.

For anyone faced with cancer, fight it with everything you’ve got. YOU CAN WIN!!!

– Tammi, 2-time breast cancer survivor

(Main image by Clarence Chiang)

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