My Little Hero

My Little Hero

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A Message from Amy:

I found out that I had a lump in my neck, in 2007, during an OB/GYN appointment. I was 5 months pregnant, at the time.  They sent me to get a biopsy, right away. By then, they noticed that I now had another lump on the other side of neck. The results came back: cancer.

“He is (and always will be) my little hero.”

I was told the cancer was fast-spreading so I had to be induced sooner than my due date. I had a handsome little boy named Gavin and, because of him, I am here today. Without that appointment related to the pregnancy, I probably wouldn’t have found the cancer before it spread. He is (and always will be) my little hero. 🙂

Photo by Andrew Blight, used under CC.

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