New Beginnings

New Beginnings

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A Message from Gina:

My cancer journey started 13 years ago, when I lost my mother and my best friend to late-stage ovarian cancer. After her passing, I went into a state of “grief induced post-partum depression”. This dark period lasted for about a year.

Gina Costa-GoldfarbWhen I emerged, I vowed to turn all of my negatives into positives and found fundraising for women’s cancers as a source of comfort. It was a way to keep my mother’s memory alive and a way to deal with my grief. I became a top fundraiser for an organization in New York City: raising close to $100K, to date, for the cause. I became very proactive in my own health and sought genetic testing, since ovarian cancer is known as the cancer that whispers. I was negative for the BRCA gene and other genetic factors but there is a history of cancer on my maternal side so my I remained aware and kept the cause close to my heart. I continued fundraising for many years and, about a decade after my mom passed, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the family history I was shocked and emotional but my sister persevered.

“I vowed to turn all of my negatives into positives…”
A year following my sister’s diagnosis, I had my own diagnosis of invasive lobular breast cancer. With my family history of cancer, being a caregiver to my mom and seeing my sister through her cancer experience – plus other life events – I had a lot of coping skills and tools in my belt to cope. I reached all around me for the support that I needed and underwent my double mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries.

Even with the experiences in my life, I felt the emotion of all of it and the impact on my family but I vowed to turn the negative into positive. When I was first diagnosed, I felt like I got hit by a bolt of lightning. I knew it was time to change things up in my life. I had to let go of all of the stress, all of the “doing” and I had to give up control of certain areas of my life, if I wanted to move forward in a healthier manner.

I was the topic of a survivor story for one of my fundraising gigs and the author also

“We are in this together. We are never alone.”
turned out to be a life coach. Prior to this chance meeting, I had never even heard of a life coach. We became friends and she taught me the ropes of coaching and she knew that inside of me I had a burning desire to serve others. Shortly after, I enrolled in a coach training program and my life hasn’t been the same since. From the very beginning, I knew that my niche would be working with breast cancer survivors: educating and teaching them how to shift their emotions, embrace their journey and turn their lives around, just like I had. The coach training also helped me to enter further into self-discovery. It was something I had done in the past and loved the result of meaningful change and growth which has also opened me up to serve others to the best of my ability.

The silver lining in my cancer journey, aside from it being a blessing – as it caused me to change my life – is that New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC was born from my cancer experience. In my coaching business, I help women cope, step-by-step, with the emotional and physical challenges that they face, so that they can feel confident and in control of their lives once again.

We are in this together. We are never alone. I know what it is like to walk in your shoes, to be overwhelmed by all of the thoughts and emotions that a cancer diagnosis and treatment brings and I am here to help you walk your journey, so that you can create a new beginning for yourself. I am dedicated to new beginnings after cancer.


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Main image by Ian Sane, used under CC. Body image courtesy of Gina.

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