Plunge for Landon

Learning that your 5-month-old boy has a tumor in his kidney and brain is a traumatic experience. Seeing not only your local community but also the internet community come together to rally for your child’s future could be the best thing to help aid a family going through such an experience. That’s what happened to the Shaw family of Tarkio, Missouri: a small farming community two hours north of Kansas City

Alyssa and Brandon Shaw found out earlier this year that their baby was vomiting and losing weight from a tumor on his left kidney and his brain. Doctors removed the kidney but, when they went to remove the brain tumor, Landon’s heart stopped. Although he survived the operation, the massive blood loss gave the doctors a pessimistic view of Landon’s chances of survival.

Plunge for LandonSource: KCTV

Much to the Shaw’s pleasant surprise, Landon made a steady recovery, and on April 1st, Landon was able to return to his home. However, this did not mean that Landon was in the clear. The long road of recovery involved chemotherapy sessions, MRI’s and CT scans. Not only would this be tough on Landon but the mounting hospital bills were definitely too much to handle.

With #PlungeForLandon, the concept is simple: you take a video of yourself diving into a body of water then you challenge three people to do the same, along with their own challenges. This great campaign took off and went viral. Anyone from NFL superfans to members of the US House of Representatives were plunging and challenging others to do the same.

Plunge for LandonSource: Rewordit

Their Facebook group now has over 56,000 members, as of June 6th. This is incredible, considering the town Landon is from only has a population of 1,534. The power of the internet comes through, yet again. Although the town of Tarkio has held many fundraisers to help pay for the medical bills, the online plunge drive has brought in the majority of the donations.

Now we challenge you to go out and take a dive. Hashtag the video #plungeforlandon, challenge 3 others and upload it to raise money for the Shaw family!

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