‘Prescription for Disaster: The Funny Side of Falling Apart’ eBook Giveaway

Prescription for Disaster: The Funny Side of Falling Apart is definitely a breath of fresh air, when it comes to reading about chronic illness. Author Candace Lafleur speaks about her experiences with treatment, healing and life in between, with a fun, down to Earth approach. Her sense of humor never fades, as she takes life as it comes and comes out positive and inspiring.

*Update: congratulations to Mary K and Tim D; winners of our eBook giveaway.

The GiveawayPrescription for Disaster

Cancer Positive is happy to announce our first giveaway: two (2) digital e-book copies of Candace’s book. For a chance to win, retweet our message on Twitter and share our posts on Facebook and help us spread positivity to survivors, patients and others alike. Don’t forget to tag us in your post, so that we know you’ve shared! Winners will be announced on December 15th.

About the Book

A book about the hilarious side of being ridiculously diseased – laughing through life and encouraging others to do the same. This is not a book about a disease itself, nor does it have any ‘woe is me’ or forced epiphanies on the meaning of life and health. It’s a book about sobbing student nurses wielding sharp needles, falling hospital elevators, having to be surgically removed from your own sweater for an X-ray and support group brawls. About getting my whole family pulled off into a cement bunker at British customs for being more radioactive than a truck full of Russian nails. It’s about sneaking nachos into the hospital at seven in the morning and making sweet, sweet love to the back of a parked taxi while having a stroke. This is a book about laughing and joyfully embracing the bizarre and the truly funny side of being ridiculously, incurably diseased. So sit back, take a hit off your oxygen tank and get ready to laugh at the funny side of falling apart. At the very least you’ll never look at a bed pan or an IV pole the same way again.

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About the Author

Candace Lafleur is a quirky Canadian, living in England with her family, career and an autoimmune disease. As the author of Prescription for Disaster: The Funny Side of Falling Apart, she writes about the often hilarious side of being chronically ill – spreading a message of resilience through positivity and humor. Laughter doesn’t actually cure much, but it certainly does help.

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