Sharing My Mother’s Story

Sharing My Mother’s Story

A Message from Danielle:

My mom, Miki (Michiko) Gorman, was diagnosed with metastasized non-small cell lung cancer, four and a half years ago. She is a two-time winner of the Boston and NY marathons and was inducted into the Road Runners Club of America Hall of Fame, the USATF Masters Hall of Fame, as well as the National Distance Running Hall of Fame. Her autobiography titled “My Champion” became an HBO film, documenting her life.

 Miki (Michiko) GormanI initially started writing about my mom’s journey with cancer, for my own therapy. When my mom was diagnosed, it changed not only her life but the lives of my husband, our children, friends, her friends and mine. I decided to share these experiences – including our vulnerability – online, to create a community where people could openly share, without fear or judgment. I asked my mom if she would mind if I wrote about her journey, including some of the darker moments like battling depression, losing not only her hair but her self esteem, uncomfortable side effects and the humour we occasionally found through it all. As someone who published a memoir, she was totally fine with me writing about her. 

“The love that was pouring out to her was so intense: so beautiful.”

The first time we read the comments after my initial blog post, we couldn’t make it through. The love that was pouring out to her was so intense: so beautiful. People were praying, sending encouraging words and many were sharing their own experiences with cancer. Each one of my entries takes us back and asks us to relive the emotions we went through. During some of the toughest moments, we did not think we would come out the other side. But we did and she’s still here.

If you’d like to follow Danielle and Miki’s story, please visit Danielle’s blog, where she’ll continue to share an inspiring and honest look into her mother’s journey with cancer. You can also connect with Danielle on Twitter

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