A Message from Dave:Six Pack Scars Cancer Survivor Dave

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, in 2011: married, with a 3-year-old son and my wife expecting.

I went ahead with the ochiectomy and three rounds of chemotherapy. I had just finished 3 hours of chemo and got home to find my wife in labor. We drove to the hospital with a couple of friends and my wife delivered our second child overnight. At 8am the next morning, I went back for another 3 rounds of chemo.

One month after chemotherapy I had an RPLND surgery to remove the remaining cancerous lymph nodes in my abdomen. It left me with a 12-inch scar on my stomach! Recovery took a while but it was nothing like the chemo.

“I can assure all who make it through those tough times that life after cancer is better than before.”
Three years later, I felt really out of shape. I was self-conscious about taking my shirt off, because of my scar. A big belly did not help this complex.

I wanted to shape up, eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve gone through chemotherapy and want to do every little thing I can to not go through that again. I decided to face fears straight on and started my blog Six Pack Scars. There, I document my progress, workouts, and photos of everything along the way.

To date, I’ve lost 40 lbs and I’m still working on that six pack. I feel more energized and living my life better than before cancer. My cancer story is not as bad as most out there, but I can assure all who make it through those tough times that life after cancer is better than before.

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  • Gus Pampillon says:


    Was trying to get into your blog but got denied. I am currently a Stage4 kidney cancer survivor. Was told Oct 28th 2015 that i was cured after several surgeries and Immunotherapies. I have been doing crossfit for the past year and wanted to see how your coping to this point. Good luck and god bless..


  • Selena says:

    very inspiring blog, and also changed my concepts.

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