Survivor’s Miracle Baby

Nicole Malloy of the United Kingdom was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. To prevent the growth from spreading, doctors removed the tumour. After the operations, Nicole was left with a shunt in her head, as well as balance and memory problems, but was otherwise healthy and cancer-free.

Young Nicole

A young Nicole, after cancer treatment. (Photo by Katielee Arrowsmith)

Due to the intensive nature of the radiotherapy treatment she received, doctors notified her she would not be able to have children and would undergo an early menopause. This was a result of of the radiotherapy, which damaged her hormone production and some organ functionality.

When Nicole was 22, doctors uncovered something potentially disturbing, during routine endocrine and oncology check-up. When notified, Nicole quickly grew frightened, as she thought her cancer had returned or, less alarmingly, that her early menopause had kicked in. The abnormality they had found was not at the top of the spine – the most likely area to be affected by the return of her brain tumour – but near the bottom. The doctors believed it to be a cyst on her ovaries…or pregnancy.

denny ultrasoundUltrasound of a healthy baby Denny. (Source: Deadline News)

Once Nicole got the scan results back, her reaction was of surprise and joy. On December 3rd, 2014, Nicole underwent a C-section to deliver her son Denny. Denny was born almost a month premature with haemangioma – a benign tumour formed by blood vessels. The doctors have assured her it isn’t life-threatening and Denny is under medication aimed to shrink the haemangioma. Otherwise, Denny is a healthy boy.

It’s great to see a woman fight through her cancer to give birth to a healthy boy. We wish Nicole the best of luck in the future!

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