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At one time or another, most of us will be touched by cancer. How we respond to the disease can often define our entire experience with it. Cancer Positive strives to highlight individuals and groups who help brighten these experiences, through connecting others and allowing those impacted by cancer to find the silver lining in their lives.

Laura Armstrong started Chemo Angels, in loving memory of her father who passed away from pancreatic cancer. The idea for the organization was initially sparked by Laura’s own interaction with a woman going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. After meeting the woman, Laura asked for her mailing address and began sending cards and small gifts, to lift her spirits. After her treatment came to an end, Laura noted the overjoyed thanks she received from her new friend who referred to Laura as her “chemo angel”. Soon after, Chemo Angels was born and has been growing ever since.

The program is designed to offer support for patients undergoing chemotherapy, by linking them with volunteer sponsors. These sponsors act as “chemo angels” and send patients various gifts, cards and uplifting messages, to support them throughout their treatment journey.

“We are a volunteer group dedicated to adding a
 ray of 
sunshine to the lives of those undergoing treatment
 for cancer. We believe that men, women and children 
who are going through the physical, emotional and mental rigors of
 chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy deserve some
pampering and special treatment!”

For interested parties, there are three ways to participate in the program:

1. Cancer Patients: For patients that are about to begin or have begun treatment, a questionnaire can be filled out that will give an idea of what kind of surprises would “brighten your day and lighten your heart”. Patients will be “adopted” by a Chemo Angel who will provide encouraging words and gifts to help brighten your day through the duration of treatment.

2. Volunteers: The program is always looking for volunteers to act as Chemo Angels for the duration of a patient’s treatment. Commitment to the program promises to be an intensely rewarding and satisfying experience. Chemo Angels welcomes all applicants, whether as one-time volunteers or lifelong contributors, but asks that applicants only sign up if they are able to dedicate the necessary time and financial commitment.

3. Messenger Angel: Help spread the word about this amazing program. Direct those interested in volunteering or anyone who might benefit from this unique service to contact Chemo Angels.

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  • […] I see a mental health counselor, I have given up taking care of most of the chores in my home and now get help from family and friends. I’ve reached out to friends and family I haven’t talked to in a while. I think that reading and practicing self-care is important when you go through something like this. Through everything I have found support not only through my family but also through the Breast Friends and Chemo Angels. […]